Kites and Boomerangs

Kites and Boomerangs

Civil Youth, This City Awaits

Tue · August 8, 2017

6:00 pm

$12.00 - $14.00

Kites and Boomerangs
Kites and Boomerangs
Kites and Boomerangs is an uplifting, eclectic-Indie Rock rock band that lays claim to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. K&B's musical concoction mixes a little bit of everything, but mainly stays true to the Indie Rock style with occasional funk additives. The members are Hagen Hauschild (drums), Aaron Haskin(bass), William Appleton (guitar/vocals), and Jason Ramirez (guitar/keyboard). K&B has had the pleasure of playing all around the DFW for a few years. The band has two albums and an EP, “Curiosity” (2012) and “Kaleidoscope” (2013), and "Me and You, and You, and You" (2016) available online at for download and streaming.

"Fort Worth foursome Kites and Boomerangs — vocalist/guitarist William Appleton, vocalist/bassist Eoin Donovan, keyboardist/guitarist Jason Ramirez and drummer Hagen Hauschild — classifies its music as “eclectic indie rock,” which is as succinct a way of describing the dizzying melange of musical moods tumbling through the three tracks found on the band’s new EP, Me and You, and You, and You. Although the songs often evoke carefree cartwheels, it’s evident Kites and Boomerangs is stacked with serious players — the intricate percussion threaded through Indianapolis Jones provides a tart counterpoint to the song’s chiming guitar riff — making this act one to watch." -Preston Jones, (Me and You, and You, and You EP Review)

"Next up on 6th at The Lodge were Dallas Fort-Worth indie rockers Kites and Boomerangs, playing in a window display for passers by, the band intertwined wide instrumental breaks and tight-knit verses. Reminiscent of Incubus and other alt bands from the Aughts, a crowd gathered on the sidewalk to watch, as the quartet transitioned into a cover of “Hold On” by the Alabama Shakes." -Jordan Kleinman,

"There’s a restless ambition beneath much of what’s here, marking Kites and Boomerangs as a cut above its local brethren."
-Preston Jones, (Kaleidoscope Album Review)

"There was rock in roll in there for sure, and there was some funk and some old-school fusion jazz. Vocals were emphatic and harmonious, with each member adding substantially to the sonic fabric... Go see these guys live."
-Steve Watkins, Review)

"Funk, R&B, reggae, and Middle Eastern sounds all get tossed into a post-punk blender and are sped up and amplified. Not many bands can say they’ve been compared to both The Pixies and Michael Jackson (favorite artists of the K&Bers, by the way), but Kites and Boomerangs hear that all the time."
-Jimmy Fowler, Fort Worth Weekly

"There’s this subset of indie rock that takes a cue from Graceland-era Paul Simon, copping the classic’s world-beat pretensions and sunny melodies to create the kind of bouncy optimistic pop that sounds ready-made for ACL side-stages."
-Steve Steward, Fort Worth Weekly (Curiosity Album Review)
Civil Youth
Civil Youth
This City Awaits
Venue Information:
Tomcats West
3137 "C" Alta Mere Dr.
Forth Worth, TX, 76116